We are a family team, that working in interior renovations since 2002, and in Norway since 2012, and we like very much what we are doing.

All our clients telling us that we do a very good job and we would like to go further in the same way with all our clients to be fully satisfied with our work !

Working to be more skilled every day, we have certificates in painting  and carpenter domains, also the “styringssystem” and “sentral godkjenning” !

What we do in general, and most of the time is:

  • plaster the walls and ceilings, sand them and paint them;
  • build new light walls with isolation;
  • building new ceilings with spotlights (in collaboration with certified electricians)
  • install new doors in (sliding doors or usual doors);
  • install new floors;
  • install new windows, entrance doors or balcony doors;
  • install new kitchens;
  • install tiles;
  • make new terraces and wooden warehouses;
  • make new bathrooms (in collaboration with certified plumbers)


And as we always say : Today everything is possible !!!

Ask us ! ….and maybe we can !