Our Process

Know what you want? Great. We love to execute on a homeowner’s vision. Not sure whether to go mild or wild? That’s where our consultative approach and vast experience shines. We’ll come up with a concept that you’ll love, and then we’ll make it happen.

Call today or send an e-mail, to schedule your appointment and free estimate. We can’t wait to hear from you!

By phone or e-mail, we are available, and if we are fixing something when you try to contact us and we are not answering wright away, for sure you will have an answer from us as soon as possible!
We are flexible with the time when we can meet, in the morning or evening time, or in the week-end time! When you are available, we come to see you, and discuss the project that you want to be done! All for free! The opportunity is on both sides and the words should not be taxed

Now, we know exactly what should be done there!

We will make all the calculations, and you will have in your e-mail all the details regarding:

  • what kind of work it will be done;
  • how it will be done;
  • materials that you need for that, and what is included in our offer;
  • tools that we work with (like for ex. we use sanding and cutting machines that are connected always to a vacuum cleaner ….so that means less dust, and this is what each one loves, when it involves a renovation in his house)
  • removing all the garbage, and from the beginning to the end this is sorted (wood, gips, metal, paper, tiles, concrete, windows, treated wood… and so on) in transparent plastic bags accordingly to recycling lows which we follow strictly;
  • starting date;
  • how much time it will take; (and here we assure you that we ‘deliver’ in the estimated time, no mather what 🙂
  • blank copy of the contract, on which we can discuss and improve. That will binds us and gives us the safety of the well done project and responsibility!
  • Now we agreed about the details, and we will sign the contract! In that case we know that the period is scheduled, and we know the day and hour we will start!
  • We will work in the time of the day that it suits you, and will be clean and safe.
  • You will not take care about yours or our stuff, we will take care about that, storage them and make safe zones for you and your children.
  • We take care about everything, and we will keep you and your family safe during the process!

Now, we are done, and all the tools and protection disappear, and you discover the true face of your new home!
We are doing the rough cleaning, and you are eager to clean every traces of dust and everything to shine, like a goldenstar in your new life, from now one!